Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Lafayette, La
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What is BHRT?

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, or BHRT, is a compound that has exactly the same chemical and molecular structure as the hormones that are produced in the human body. It is used to treat hormone imbalance which represents any combination of hormone levels that are not within the expected normal range. Hormones should be kept within a certain range to perform specific bodily functions, therefore hormone imbalance can be associated with a variety of symptoms and functional changes in the body. 

Hormone imbalance in men and women differ and thus each client is evaluated and treated to meet their specific needs.

Types of BHRT

Hormone therapy using testosterone or estrogen + progesterone is available in a wide variety of formulations. The Aesthetic Boutique provides BHRT with pellets. The goal is Hormone Optimization.

Why choose BHRT at The Aesthetic Boutique?

The Aesthetic Boutique has partnered with Pellecome, LLC to provide a better way to restore hormone balance. The Aesthetic Boutique uses Pellicome’s patented advanced delivery device to administer quality hormone pellets. By law, BHRT pellet development is strictly regulated and the pellets used by The Aesthetic Boutique are the same pellets used by other BHRT companies and are made in the same pharmacies. The pellets are the size of a grain of rice and are inserted in a simple medical office procedure by a trained healthcare provider.

For more information on Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and to find out if this treatment is right for you, call The Aesthetic Boutique at 337.852.8995 or Request a Consultation.

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