Hand Rejuvenation in Lafayette, La

Over time, your hands can age faster than any other part of your skin. Youthful looking hands can help complete your natural-looking aesthetic look. Using dermal filler such as Galderma Lyft for hand rejuvenation can provide natural-looking volume for a smoother, fuller appearance. 

Is Hand Rejuvenation with a Dermal Filler right for you?

While the face is generally well maintained and rejuvenated over time, the back of the hands almost never are. The hands can reveal a client’s true age by showing wrinkled skin, prominent veins, and/or dark spots. Aging in the hands will reveal slowing collagen production and fat atrophy, thinning skin with visibility of tendons and veins, as well as wrinkles and age spots.

A consultation will be completed by your expertly trained healthcare professional and a Grading Scale will be used to categorize the client’s hand aging score. Client goals will be assessed, and a treatment plan will be recommended.

Results can vary between clients. For more information on hand rejuvenation or to find out if this treatment is right for you, call The Aesthetic Boutique at 337.852.8995 or Request a Consultation.

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