Natalie P.

Michele, Thank you SO much! Always great to see you and always amazed at how incredible you are with the most delicate touch! Appreciate you!” Natalie P. Another: “I am looking so refreshed and I love the lip flip! Just want to say thank you!

Mary H.

I am looking so refreshed and I love the lip flip! Just wanted to say thank you!

Donna V.

I highly recommend Michele, she knows her stuff, takes her time and explains everything! Very happy with my Botox Treatment.

Aimee R.

Michele Landry is the BEST when it comes to enhancing your natural beauty and listening to all of your needs. She really is wonderful at her job. Every time I get compliments on my skin, which is often, I give the credit to Michele.

Patricia B.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with you Michele. Knew I was in good hands and you were knowledgeable!

Kathy D.

Thank you Michele for giving me my face back!! I was starting to hate looking in mirrors because I wasn't recognizing the person staring back. What you've done so far is amazing!! I'm very satisfied and can't wait to see what you do next.

Theresa C.

I so enjoyed meeting you today. You are very professional, knowledgeable, and caring. You listened and made suggestions, but you weren’t pushy. You also spent “real-time" with me, I did not feel that you were rushing me through the procedure. I felt very comfortable in your beautiful boutique and in your hands! Thank you.

Chris M.

Michele is a board-certified nurse practitioner who is all about self-care and helping you feel your best self in whatever form. She offers services such as microneedling to Botox injections, B12, and Skinny Shots to help you feel better or to get to where you want to be or need to be. She is there to help you along the way. She is a professional.

Victoria A.

Michele is my go-to girl for all my face needs. She is phenomenal and so professional. One thing I love is she is located right on Verot near Camillia. You pull in, you park, and once you enter into her door she has such a relaxing vibe and such a beautiful med spa. But what I love is you are in and out, depending on your service. If I am going in for injections or things like that, I am in and out within 30 minutes. It's so nice because I can fit it into my busy day.

Crystal C.

Thanks for always having perfect service Thank you so much for helping me to feel better about myself. You do so much more than give injections. You love what you do and it shows in so many faces.

Candy B.

If you are looking for an injector who actually listens to you, your goals and your concerns, Michelle is your girl. I have had Botox and fillers from different providers in Houston, Lake Charles and Lafayette and Michelle has literally been the best!

Aimee R.

Shout out to Michele Landry with The Aesthetic Boutique Luxury Med Spa! Your knowledge is unbelievable on skin care.

Renee L.

Love the time and education that you are willing to spend with each client to make the best decisions for personalized care!! Thank you!

Michael R.

Professional, timely service and expert guidance.

Shelby E.

Professional and will work hard to help you achieve your goals!

Lisa M.

Absolute luxury and client-centric services. Staff are perfectionists - artistry based on your specific bone structure, skin, needs, etc. - highly recommend.

Deborah R.

Michele is an artist and expert in her field. She is constantly taking continuing education to enhance her craft. She is amazing because she takes the time to get to know her clients and their skin! She doesn't recommend things you don't need!

Brandi B.

I’ve been receiving Botox for almost 10 years, and after receiving Botox from Michele, I will never be seeing anyone else again. Her technique is different than prior injections. She injects smaller amounts, but in more areas vs others using more in fewer spots. The results are natural looking and uniform. My eyebrows were raised perfectly with this technique, and in the past, I’ve been left with unnatural even freaky eyebrows when raised from one or two shots. I’ve been all over and was even a model in a Botox teaching class where I learned about injection technique and received at cost. I’ve even received Botox from top plastic surgeons, but I had the best results with Michele and will only use her.

Debra A.

As a woman who had never had facials, injections, or any other procedures in a Medspa, I was fearful of what to expect. During the conversation, Michele addressed all of my concerns and provided a plan with options. My first and subsequent experiences with her and her team have been nothing short of exceptional. I highly recommend Michele for any of the amazing services and products offered.

Debbey R.

When I started seeing Michele Landry, her main concern was my main concern- my medical history, my health, and possible reactions with my daily medications. She tested my skin to see if I could tolerate the laser procedure I wanted. Michele provided product samples prior to purchase to ensure I didn’t have reactions. My health and safety has been the utmost priority. I highly recommend Michele Landry.

Adam S.

The Aesthetic Boutique offered me a customized treatment plan for hair removal. The service was delivered professionally and the results I desired were achieved.

Renee M.

Michele is a caring Nurse Practitioner at heart and truly loves her job. She listens intently and gives personal attention to each client. Michele has worked in many different capacities and has a vast variety of experiences. If you want a professional who is mindful and takes extra consideration on your details, then Michele is here for you!